Basics of Men’s Hair Transplants

The hair transplant procedure used in hair replacement is mainly done in males rather than females. Hair transplants are the most popular way for restoring men’s hair.

Before knowing about the men hair transplant procedure one should know about the basics of hair transplant procedure that has been invented by the dermatologists. The procedure, by which the healthy hair are dissected from the donor site, and replaced in the recipient site on any part of the scalp, is called the hair transplant or the hair restoration surgery.

The donor area is also called as the “horseshoe fringe” in scientific terms. The donor region is mainly the side or the back of the head. This is because, it has been found scientifically that these regions are not affected by pattern baldness in the male. The hair that has been extracted from the donor area is implanted in the tiny pores made either by punching or using laser on the balding areas.

The process of hair extractions under microscope is called grafting and the hair thus dissected is known as the grafts. Each graft will contain one or more hairs that are dissected from the donor region. The grafts are implanted on the top of the head which will be balder and it makes the scalp look fuller and thicker. haartransplantation köln The grafts are placed in the crown only at the end of the procedure.

The extent of the hair loss, will decide the time for the men hair transplant. Generally, a hair transplant will take a few hours to complete the surgery. It also depends on the factors like the rate of hair loss, the amount of donor hair, and other medical considerations. Men will need only a few session while compared to that a female. Generally a session lasts for around five to ten hours.

The various hair transplant techniques are the strip incision, follicular unit extraction and micro or mini grafting techniques. The strip incision is the most traditional way of hair transplant surgery. This method involves the cutting of a tissue from the donor region that are rich in hair follicles. This tissue is planted in the bald region of the patient which then re grows.

The process of strip incision is bit complicated but after the invention of grafting technique has made the incision easier. Follicular unit extraction is the most followed technique of hair transplant surgery. This is done by the administration of local anesthesia to the patient. In this procedure the follicles from the donor region are taken and placed along the hair line in the recipient region.

The benefit of this method is that many follicular units can be extracted and implanted at any time. Mini or micro grafting is also similar to that of follicular unit extraction. The graft size in this method is always decided by the doctor. Men hair transplant should be performed carefully to avoid side effects like scarring, infection, swelling, pigment changes in the skin and scalp numbing.