Malibu Real Estate

There are several public real estate tours offered in Malibu, California. This is owing to the enormous number of rich people who want to look at houses in this lovely neighborhood. Malibu offers a wide range of real estate tours of varying quality. Mr. Malibu himself leads one of the most prestigious Malibu real estate excursions.

You may take a fun tour of some real estate in Malibu Beach, California. It is one of the few areas in America where a real estate tour may genuinely provide entertainment. These real estate tours are led by the well-known Mr. Malibu at several of Malibu’s most opulent homes. Consider viewing Malibu real estate for a cultural and engaging experience.

Malibu sightseeing is a fantastic experience full with amazing sights. Looking at the lovely real estate should be a part of your journey. Some of the properties look nearly bizarre. Sign up for a Malibu real estate tour to get a taste of the affluent and famous’s lifestyle.

Malibu’s Trailer Park

What if I told you that a trailer park was just adjacent to one of my favorite Malibu beaches? Most of you would believe me if I told you there was a trailer in this park for sale for $1.95 million dollars. Do you think I have your attention now…..

When I need to go away and “check out” for a few hours, I travel to Paradise Cove in Malibu. Paradise Cove is not just the nicest beach in Malibu; it is also one of the best beaches in Southern California. Imagine inhaling the salty sea air and staring out over the gorgeous blue Pacific Ocean while sipping a beverage and nibbling on some snacks at the table next to you.

Everything I’ve just described seems like a normal Malibu location; but, before approaching the $50 per day parking lot, you’ll need to pass through a trailer park. YES!!! You’ll have to contend with the lethal speed bumps that keep the trailer park safe before you can walk along the beach front houses of sports, rock stars, and Hollywood’s elite. The New York Times labeled Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park “America’s Most Glamorous Trailer Park,” and one of its more “famous” trailers has on the market for $1.95 million dollars.

This two-bedroom, two-bath bohemian fantasy was custom-styled inside and out, with lush, tropical vegetation creating a secluded backyard hideaway (with outdoor soaking tub and multiple entertaining areas). Bright and airy modernized bathrooms, a hidden garden-style pergola-covered outdoor living space, a double-size master bedroom called The Yellow Room, and unusual throwback accents throughout complete the property.